Step Up Your Morning Latte Game With 3-D Foam

Leave it to the Japanese to find a way to one up your ordinary latte art. Tomy, the Japanese toymaker known for bringing the world Pokémon, Transformers and Furby characters, has introduced the Awa Taccino, a foaming milk gun that will let you “draw” three-dimensional animals atop your coffee.

The Awa Taccino looks a bit like a kitchen-friendly ray gun and it’s pretty simple to use. You fill the battery-powered foaming blender with either soymilk or non-fat milk, and sit back and watch as the milk thickens. Then you aim the nozzle atop the liquid in your cup and create milk blobs of your favorite animal. Not included in the set are chocolate syrup and the paintbrushes you’ll need should you want to add smiley faces and eyes to your creations.

The playful latte art maker is available for pre-order now on Japan Trend Shop, and will be in stock December 5th, which is just in time for you to get a jump on your holiday shopping or, in case you were thinking of a career change, your new gig as a cappuccino artist. Mom will be so impressed.

The video above is simultaneously the cutest and most awful piece of PR you’ll ever watch. Worth it? Of course. 

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