This Birth Control Beer Ad Highlights the CDC's Weird New Alcohol Guidelines

We all know drinking during pregnancy is a bad idea. It says so right on every bottle of alcohol and on mood-killing signs at any bar. But it’s for good reason: Alcohol causes birth defects. Or, at least, it can. While there’s some debate as to whether pregnant women shouldn’t drink even a drop of booze before giving birth, the CDC recently introduced a rather vague guideline aimed at combating potential problems: Don’t drink unless you’re taking birth control. OK, it’s not quite that simple, but the language used advises women who “could become pregnant” to avoid drinking unless they’re on the pill. Considering that about half of pregnancies are unplanned, that could refer to literally any fertile woman. As this conversation in the Atlantic points out, the CDC is basically asking ladies who want to throw back a few to first think of their nonexistent, hypothetical children.

So how can women enjoy a drink without fear that they could be harming a conceptual future-baby? The hilariously spot-on parody ad for “Ortho Try-Cyclen IPA” has your answer: birth control–laced beer. The video was written and directed by comedian Taylor Orci of the comedy team and YouTube Channel Broken People and modeled after a spot for Goose Island’s IPA. Even with the added deadline of including a timely topic like the CDC announcement, all the elements of this pitch-perfect craft beer commercial spoof fell into place. “One of my friends let me shoot in her bar, and another one of my friends had a baby, and that’s hard to come by, a bar and a baby, so I took it as an omen and just kept working,” Orci told FWx. As for the inspiration, Orci points to the long history of ominous health risk responsibilities directed only at females. “It’s another example out there that puts the burden on women unfairly, even if it is with good intentions,” Orci said. “Isn’t it a thing people say? That the road to hell is paved with good intentions?”

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