40,000 People Fell in Love with This Cult-Favorite Egg Cooker on Prime Day Last Year

Amazon’s Prime Day is legendary for its deals: That expensive kitchen appliance you’ve been lusting over? It’s on sale. That cooking gadget you don’t really need but that looks fun to use? It’s been discounted. If you’ve been looking to upgrade your kitchen tools, Prime Day is the day to do it. There are so many appliances out there to choose from, you might have trouble deciding what to buy and what to skip, but here’s one you probably won’t want to miss out on: the Dash Rapid Egg Cooker. Last year, 40,000 people bought it on Prime Day. 

So what’s the hype all about? People probably love it for its versatility and convenience. Let’s start with what it can do: In a matter of minutes, the Dash egg cooker can hard boil six eggs. Right there, you’ve got an easy way to get a dinner party appetizer on the table, or a simple picnic or road trip snack. Two poached eggs come together in just 10 minutes. Fancy brunch, anyone? The egg cooker also comes with trays in which you can prepare individual omelets with enough room to add your own favorite toppings, like cheese, shredded broccoli, or peppers.  

Now, who could use it? First of all, the Dash egg cooker is compact, so it might make a great present for a college kid living in a cramped dorm. Similarly, if you live in a big city in an apartment with limited counter space, it might work for you too. On the other hand, if you have a big, hungry family that likes to snack or needs breakfast in a hurry, this egg cooker would probably make your life a lot easier. 

Now on to the reviews. More than 8,400 people gave the egg cooker a five-star review. The hard boiled eggs are easy to peel. It’s a “game changer.” Omelets turn out “light and fluffy.” One person even gushed, “How did I ever live without this thing!” A potential downside? The timer alarm is loud enough that you might want to muffle it with cotton, as one reviewer suggested. 

Of course, the Dash egg cooker might not be on sale for Prime Day (July 15) this year, but at about $19, it’s not exactly a splurge. If you’re looking to grab a new appliance that might not look useful at first, but could actually transform your life (in the kitchen at least), this might just be the one.

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