American baffles Brits after trying Yorkshire pudding with one item missing


American tries British food edition – Yorkshire pudding – 7.5/10 #americantries #americantriesbritish #britishfood #american #fyp #yorkshirepudding #roastdinner

original sound – Emily Simpson

TikTok creator Emily Simpson went viral after baffled Brits reacted in horror to a video of her American friend trying his first roast dinner.

Emily has a series where her friend from the US tries different British foods and gives them a rating from one to 10.

In her recent video, the pair were in Hull trying a traditional roast dinner, featuring all the trimmings – including mash and roast potatoes.

The video started with the man sitting in front of his plate, with Emily heard off-camera instructing him: “Just eat the Yorkshire pudding.”

As he took his first bite, Emily suggested: “You should put gravy on it.”

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The man then dipped it in some of the gravy that had partially seeped into the mash potatoes and gave it another taste.

He then stated it was “definitely really good with the gravy” before giving the whole dish a 7.5 out of 10, much to Emily’s confusion.

But the rating didn’t seem to be enough for Brits in the comments, who were quick to express their disapproval.

One TikTok user simply stated: “Horrified by the lack of gravy in that plate.”

A second commenter quipped: “It’s illegal in England to eat them without gravy.”

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Another user typed: “As a British person seeing someone not over load their Yorkshire pudding with gravy gets me mad.”

“Yorkshire puddings are definitely a 10. Got to fill them with gravy though,” another person pointed out.

Other British TikTok users appeared more distracted by the fact the man had chosen to dig in directly with his hands.

“Yorkshire with ur hands,” (sic) one person commented along with a suspicious eyes emoji.

Another online user instructed: “Bro fill that up with gravy and then use a knife and fork man.”

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