Bake Off: GBBO winner Sophie Faldo’s secret to perfecting a lemon drizzle cake

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Lemon drizzle cake is a traditional British cake. Sweet and fluffy, but tart and zingy, the first was – according to some reports – made only in 1967.

It’s all in the sauce, according to the expert, who once the baking competition in 2017.

Sophie, who recently dished her secret to the perfect sponge cake, told exclusively: “It’s quite difficult to put that much flavour into a sponge because it can have a real effect on the texture. 

“That’s why you can only really put the zest in the sponge, really, and then infuse as much of the flavour as you can in the syrup.”

So how does Sophie make the drizzle for her cake?

“So, I actually cook a stock syrup first, which has got lots of lemon juice in it,” she said.

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But that’s not all. “Then I put a sort of fondant on the stop as well, which again has more lemon juice in it,” Sophie said.

“So that’s it, it’s all about infusing the sauce, rather than trying to get too much flavour into the sponge.”

Sophie now makes showstopping luxury cakes with her company Sophie Faldo Couture Cakes.

She recently detailed the kitchen baking essentials that make her cakes so good.

“I would probably say a good pair of scales,” she said.

Sophie also let Express readers in on a tool she uses for icing many might overlook.

“I also recommend a sugar thermometer,” Sophie said. The tool helps her create her stunning wedding cakes.

“In a lot of my frostings I use sugar syrups as opposed to just icing sugar, so you have to know what temperature your sugar is at.”

Bake Off judge Prue Leith recently shared a ginger biscuit recipe. 

The GBBO experts slightly spicy biscuits are sure to be a lovely autumn treat.

“These ginger biscuits provide the perfect opportunity for honing your icing skills,” Prue explains.

The recipe serves 12 and isn’t for a novice baker.

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