BBQ beef recipe: How to make the perfect barbecue beef

National BBQ Week has arrived and it looks like the UK will definitely have the weather for it. Whether you’re enjoying the sun in your garden or prepping a massive lunch in your kitchen today, thousands of us are expected to get the barbecue tongs out and cook up some delicious snacks. Burgers, sausages and kebabs are a barbecue staple – but there’s plenty of other options available tot best out this bank holiday Monday.

And the BBQ Experts at Bull’s-Eye Original Barbecue Sauce have some simple tips you can follow to make the best barbecue.

Did you know you should grill your meat once it is at room temperature only?

Or that the steak should be dry to ensure the best taste?

The barbecue geniuses have also created the ultimate BBQ Beef Recipe for Home BBQ Enthusiasts. brings you the yummy recipe – read on to find out how to make Barbeque Bull’s-Eye Beef.


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  • 1 x 800g Rib of Beef, available from your local butcher – cut into steaks
  • Brushing oil
  • Cracked Black Pepper
  • Sea Salt Crystals
  • A few crushed Green Peppercorns
  • Handful of Chopped Shallots
  • Butter
  • 3 Tablespoons of Bull’s-Eye Original BBQ Sauce
  • 150ml Double Cream


1. Get the BBQ smoking hot – with such high quality meat the quicker the sear the better

2. Allow the beef to sit out of the fridge until it reaches room temperature. Cold meat from the meat straight onto the grill is a definite no.

3. Use some kitchen paper to remove excess moisture from the surfaces of the steaks to ensure they are completely dry.

4. Season well with salt and pepper

5. Brush the BBQ grill with a little oil

6. Cook to taste – 3 minutes on each side is normally about right

7. When you’ve got it how you want it, remove from the BBQ and rest for five to 10 minutes in baking paper – resting time means maximum juiciness!

8. While the steaks are resting make the sauce. Fry the shallots in butter at high heat, add the peppercorns, BBQ Sauce and cream. You can use this recipe to make your own BBQ sauce.

9. Let the mixture bubble slightly until thickened.

10. Serve with slaw on the side.


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So the sun is out, the barbecue is on – it’s the perfect afternoon surrounded by your friends or family – however you live with in these uncertain times.

But barbecues can be tricky businesses – you’re either cremating sausages one minute or serving undercooked chicken the next.

So how do you avoid those common BBQ pitfalls?

Jamie Oliver has three top tips for how to get your BBQ technique down.

1. Choose the right Barbecue

You may have a fancy gas barbecue at home, but Jamie says charcoal is best for that extra smoky flavour.

He also says your BBQ needs a lid to help lock in flavour and keep the temperature constant.

2. Use the right fuel

Don’t just head to the petrol station and pick up any old bag of coal.

Lumpwood charcoal will give your BBQ the best flavour.

Or try adding some woodchips for an oaky finish.

3. Wait for the right moment to cook

Just because you can see flames doesn’t mean you should whack a steak straight on the grill.

Jamie says: “Barbecuing takes patience and concentration, in that order. You need to wait for the flames to die down – flame-grilled is a very misleading term!

“You want the coals white hot – by which I mean grey and glowing. That’s the hottest and evenest heat.”

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