Ben & Jerry’s Is Getting Sweet and Salty With Their New Chip Happens Flavor


With so many across the country doing the responsible thing and staying inside during the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s never been a better time for indulging in your most decadent and depraved junk food fantasies. Sometimes, that means trying out something insanely weird like chocolate cherry cheesecake-flavored dessert hummus. Or, it could involve combining two indulgent tastes that might normally draw weird looks when mixed together.

Well, if you fall into that latter camp, a new Ben and Jerry’s flavor might be exactly what you’re looking for. Called “Chip Happens” (an apt pun for a time like this), the Vermont-based scoop slingers dreamt up this new flavor in conjunction with Netflix and its hilarious cooking competition Nailed It!. That marks the second time this year that the streaming service and the ice cream dudes have collaborated on a flavor, with the pretzel and brownie-based Netflix & Chill’d being the first.

New Ben & Jerry's Chip Happens is heading to stores VERY soon!! Well, it's actually already on shelves in Australia, since this one is a global launch. It will be in the US any time now. The flavor is made in partnership with Netflix and the show Nailed It!, which is a competition series where amateur bakers try to replicate stylized cakes and other baked goods. The ice cream has a chocolate base, fudge chips, and crunchy potato chip swirls.

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Just like that flavor, Chip Happens is a chocolatey, salty, and crunchy mix. As you probably guessed from the name, it features potato chip “swirls” alongside fudge chips (so technically two kinds of chips), built on a chocolate ice cream foundation made with Fair Trade Certified cocoa. If you ever wondered what it would be like to eat two top-tier junk foods together in one satisfying bite, now’s your chance to find out.

It turns out this isn’t the first time Ben and Jerry have had the crazy idea to put potato chips into ice cream. Their Jimmy Fallon-themed Tonight Dough flavor also sprinkled in some of that salty goodness. I guess potato chips are what they think of when partnering with shows hosted by people who like to laugh a lot.

Though you can theoretically keep watching every episode of Nailed It! over and over again forever, Chip Happens will only be around for a limited time. As of now, it’s available at Walmart, and it’s probably headed to other retailers you panic-buy from soon if it hasn’t already. No matter how you get it, just be glad that this cooking competition-inspired flavor is sold in a pint with no assembly required.



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