Blue Moon to Release ‘Lunar Lander Keg’ in Honor of Apollo 11 and Jeff Bezos

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing: Neil Armstrong set foot on the lunar surface on July 20, 1969. Apparently, this semicentennial is a great opportunity for beer advertising because some big names like Budweiser and Schlafly have already announced brews in the event’s honor. Now, Blue Moon is the latest brewer to join the bandwagon — but thanks to Jeff Bezos, the wheat beer brand gets to pull double duty. Blue Moon’s Apollo 11 tribute beer also offers up a firm nod to Bezos’s recently announced Blue Moon lunar lander.

In case you missed the news, yesterday, Bezos — who is best known for founding Amazon but who is also behind the private aerospace company Blue Origin — unveiled the lunar lander his latter company plans to use to return humans to the moon. Fitting to its name, Blue Origin decided to call this lander the Blue Moon… because, you know, it’s going to the moon.

The MillerCoors-owned beer brand, meanwhile, knows a promotional opportunity when it sees one, and today, Blue Moon Brewing quickly announced that it would be releasing special Apollo 11-inspired kegs that would be modeled to look like the new Blue Moon lander. “2019 has been an incredible year for celebrating space and the moon, starting with the milestone anniversary of Apollo 11,” Bryan Ferschinger, vice president of MillerCoors’ above premium portfolio, said in a statement. “With the added news of Blue Origin’s lunar lander, we felt inspired to do something that would allow everyone to Reach for the Moon now.”

With less than 24 hours to turnaround mockups for its “Blue Moon Lunar Lander Keg,” the brand admits that the “final design prototype [is] subject to change.” Along those lines, Blue Moon says that pricing and availability of these crazy looking kegs won’t be known until closer to the July 20 anniversary. Still, if you’ve ever dreamed of drinking beer out of a lunar lander, this is probably the closest you’ll ever be able to come without getting permanently banned from the Smithsonian.

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