Britain facing a national pie shortage thanks to rising costs and supply issues

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Britain is facing a national pie stemming from rising aluminium demand, soaring prices and supply chain issues in China which is leaving the production of pies in jeopardy.

Last year, aluminium prices increased by 48 percent to reach a 13-year high and China, the world’s biggest producer of metal, has seen global prices reach £2,303 a ton.

Last night, The British Pie Association encouraged pie-makers to recycle their foil tins rather than throw them away in a bid to tackle the shortages.

The tins act as a barrier to stop the pie overbaking and to keep it in shape.

Pukka Pie boss, Isaac Fisher, told the Sun: “There is no doubt there are big challenges in the foil market.

“Demand during the pandemic, coupled with labour shortages and inflation, have created a perfect storm.

“As the People’s Pie, it is our number one priority to keep feeding the nation. We have taken steps to make sure our bakery has a continued supply of foils.”

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There are fears that if the foil shortage continues it could cause a lack of mince pies over the festive period.

Upon hearing the news, members of the public are horrified. One furious Twitter user said: “That’s it, this has gone too far now.”

Another tagged their local baker and said: “Please say it is not true!”

A third added: “We might even need to start re-using pie-dishes again… Like we did in the old days!”

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