Burger King Is Offering 8 Chicken Nuggets for $1


At this very moment, a lot of people are stocking up on a lot of things they probably ultimately don’t need. Trader Joe’s lines extend out of stores and wrap around the corner. Costcos from coast to coast are likely full of bargain hunters brawling over the last available case of Kirkland Light. But I’m here to speak of an unheralded but just as vital thing to stock up on for a low price while you still can: chicken nuggets.

That’s where Burger King comes in. For a limited time at participating restaurants, the people responsible for the impossible whopper are selling eight of their chicken nuggets for just a single American dollar. Impulsively adding nuggs to an order has never been easier than this.


the 4 nuggets are out of the bag. 8 nuggets for $1 for a limited time at bk.

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It’s hard to say what a dollar is even worth anymore at a time when even dollar stores are admitting that you can’t buy all that much for $1, but it’s comforting to know that eight white mean chicken nuggets ensconced in a lightly seasoned breading can be yours for a grand total of 100 pennies. Now that is change we can believe in. And the deal is even more mind-blowing when you realize that you can get a dipping sauce for free.

Given what’s been going on in the news lately, it’s worth noting that Burger King delivers. The actual price and participation on this sort of deal may vary if you choose to go that route. And for the love of god please tip well if you do.



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