Cadbury’s discontinued chocolate is coming back after almost a decade

Cadbury’s chocolate coins were discontinued in 2014 due to the treat not being “profitable” for the company as similar versions were sold by supermarkets at a cheaper price.

The chocolate giant has now announced it is bringing back the iconic coins, an absolute Christmas favourite. Cadbury’s chocolate coins will be available in supermarkets across the UK from September 2023.

They will be sold in both a 70g festive net for £1.99 or in a 230g decorative, gift tin for £6.99, however, prices may vary depending on the supermarket.

Cadbury’s coins are made from Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate, one of the most popular in the UK and a “national treasure,” according to the retailer.

Junior brand manager for Cadbury, Katie Hill, commented: “If you cast your mind back to 2014, you may remember that Cadbury was breaking hearts across the nation, as we announced the sad discontinuation of our much-loved Chocolate Coins.

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“So we’re thrilled to be able to finally announce we’ll be bringing back this beloved holiday treasure this year – a product which represents festive joy and nostalgia for so many.”

Back in 2014, Cadbury fans took to Twitter to share their frustration with user @zwebb1 saying: “How sad no choc coins!!”

Another one, Victoria Salter, commented: “Well that’s one family Christmas tradition gone… thanks.”

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Social media user @takemehome_njh added: “No no no!!! Devastated!” and @MiPADLettings agreed saying: “Can’t believe I won’t be able to put chocolate coins in my advent calendar this year? Any suggestions of alternatives?”

Archivist for Cadbury, Sarah Foden, said: “It’s a joyous moment to see the return of this national treasure that has captivated generations of Cadbury fans over the years.

“The nostalgia surrounding this iconic product is a testament to its timeless charm, and we’re thrilled to bring back the joy and excitement it holds for the Christmas season.”

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