Chocolate quiz questions and answers: How well do you know the UK’s favourite treat?

Chocolate is a natural part of most people’s lives, with Brits eating approximately 660,900 tonnes of the sweet treat every year. Although a constant fixture of British society, people know very little about its history or creation process.

15 chocolate quiz questions and answers

Chocolate is a niche but versatile subject to inject into a pub quiz, and can serve as a fresh take on the traditional formula.

The world’s favourite snack is steeped in history, science and culture, but many people know surprisingly little about it.

Here, has compiled a selection of questions quizmasters can ask about chocolate.


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1. What is the name of the mountain on the pack of the Toblerone?

1. The Matterhorn

2. Are cocoa beans a fruit or vegetable?

2. Fruit

3. Where are cocoa beans most commonly grown?

3. Africa

4. What was the first created chocolate product?

4. Hot chocolate

5. Which Bristol-based inventor created the chocolate bar?

5. Joseph Storrs Fry

6. Where was milk chocolate invented?

6. Switzerland

7. How many types of cocoa bean are there?

7. Two

8. What is the fourth, rarest type of chocolate?

8. Blond chocolate

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9. Which type of chocolate is said to reduce risks of heart disease?

9. Dark chocolate

10. Which animal could die if it ingests chocolate?

10. Dogs

11. Which ancient civilisation used chocolate as currency?

11. The Mayans

12. Which company created the Milky Way?

12. Mars Co

13. What is the greatest threat to chocolate production?

13. Climate change

14. What is the Milky Way known as in the US?

14. The Three Musketeers bar

15. What are the bubbles in an aero bar made from?

15. Carbon dioxide

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