Disney Shared Their Recipe for Cookie Fries and We Can’t Wait to Make Them

cookie fries

Recently, we learned that Cookie Monster is hosting a weekly “Snack Chat” to help kids (and, honestly, probably their parents) adopt healthier snacking strategies that involve eating things other than cookies. I know there’s no overlap between the worlds of Disney and Sesame Street, but I feel like the latest recipe Disney revealed would present the ultimate nutritional paradox for everyone’s favorite blue puppet.

That’s because Disney just revealed the recipe for their plant-based Cookie Fries. Normally served at Disney’s Beach Club Resort at Disney World, this treat takes on the shape of the traditional fast food side, but with a taste reminiscent of a sweet and chocolatey biscotti. Basically if Goofy and Guy Fieri collaborated on a dessert, it would probably come out looking like this.

Though you’d think that making a funny-looking plant-based snack/dessert like this would be excessively complicated, it turns out that’s not the case. Besides water, Diseny’s recipe only requires flour, powdered sugar, (plant-based) margarine, liquid egg substitute, molasses, and dairy-free chocolate chips. In all likelihood, you probably have dairy-based alternatives to the margarine, dairy-free chocolate chips, and egg substitute at home, which means there’s really no need to go out and shop for ingredients unless you’re a strict vegan.

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I’ll let you follow along with the detailed directions, but it looks like this essentially involves combining the ingredients, refrigerating for a bit, and then baking them. If done properly, the recipe yields 32 cookie fries, which should be plenty to share amongst however many people you’re currently cooped up with at home. Disney’s recipe also recommends adding in chocolate, strawberry, and marshmallow dipping sauces, which I suppose could be understood as a series of “dessert ketchups.”

When you factor in the reveal of (a version of) Dole Whip and churros, Disney has ditched the secrecy lately to share recipes for fans missing access to their favorite snacks at closed parks. While it looks like the Cookie Fries recipe was actually revealed earlier in March, there’s never been a better time than now to try it out.

So go ahead and gorge yourself on cookie fries. If you follow the recipe to a T, you can at least bank some points for adopting a vegan lifestyle during quarantine. That should shut the haters up.


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