Domino’s Is Doing Half Off Delivery Pizza This Week


Desperate times call for delivered pizza. I don’t think that’s an actual saying, but we can all agree that the widespread closure of dine-in options means that delivery is the way to go. And while you can pretty much order whatever you want to go these days, the first option that will always come to mind when it’s time to summon food to your home is pizza.

While lots of places have started offering free delivery, Domino’s has decided to step up at this pivotal moment and give the people what they want: cheap pizza. This week, they’re offering a steep 50 percent discount off of pizzas ordered online. Seriously: any menu-priced pizza will cost you half of what it normally does. You don’t even need to enter any sort of coupon code or discount. Just use the website, app, or any of the other ways you can order their pizza without picking up the phone (like you want to do that anyway), and the deal is yours.

There’s always at least some fine print when it comes to these deals. If you want to jazz it up with certain special crusts, premium toppings or sauces, you might be facing a slight upcharge. But still, when you order dough with sauce, cheese, and toppings on it from Domino’s, it’s going to cost you less dough than it normally would. And that’s a good thing.

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As of right now, this deal to cut the price of your Domino’s pizza in half is valid through Sunday, March 22. Given that the Coronavirus won’t magically disappear by the end of the week, it’s entirely possible that this deal gets extended as the pizza chain hopes to keep the business flowing. But for now, get those orders in by the 22 just to be safe.

It’s important to note that your local pizza place is probably hurting for business too, and is much more likely to go belly-up than the mega-chain. The smart thing to do, then, is to just get some Domino’s *and* buy a local pie too. Better safe than sorry.


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