Dunkin’ Is Rolling Out New Cheesy Stuffed Croissants In Two Mouthwatering Flavors

Dunkin' Croissant Stuffer Cropped

There’s little doubt that for many of us, the past month or so has inspired changes in how we relate to or understand food. Maybe you’ve totally abandoned existing rules about what constitutes a “breakfast” or when it should be eaten. Maybe you’ve tried your hand at baking and learned the hard way how (not) to create a sourdough starter. 

For all of our baking experiments and shifting understandings of what food is and how it works, I still don’t know if anyone is prepared for the “Croissant Stuffer,” a sort of savory, more cylindrical take on the Cronut that Dunkin’ will start rolling out nationwide in the near-term. 

The name hints pretty strongly at what’s happening here. But to clarify, these are buttery, warm croissants where some of the flaky layers are instead replaced by one of two, well, filling fillings. The first option you’ll have to work with is Three Cheese, which crams cheddar and mozzarella inside the croissant with some swiss cheese on top. There’s also Chicken, Bacon & (Colby Jack) Cheese, which is also topped with everything bagel-style seasoning. 

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Though it sounds like the kind of crazy idea one comes up with after not leaving home for a month, it turns out that some actual R&D went into this. According to Chewboom, Dunkin’ first tested out these Croissant Stuffers at locations in Florida last fall. There was apparently a third Turkey & Cheese option that didn’t make the cut, so don’t say Dunkin’ doesn’t have standards when it comes to jamming ingredients inside a croissant. 

In other news about New England’s favorite breakfast chain, Dunkin’ has decided to continue its Free Donut Friday deal into May. First introduced in March and subsequently extended into April, the deal lets members of their DD Perks rewards app get a free doughnut with the purchase of a beverage. Chalk it up as a good reason to keep track of the days of the week. If you can find a way to stuff that Croissant Stuffer inside that free doughnut, more power to you.

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