Get Ready for Summer With Beer Salt

I know, I know, it’s barely spring and talking about the long days of summer seems like jumping the gun a little. But I can’t help it—as soon as the forecast indicates that I can pack my sweaters away for a while, I start dreaming about Saturdays at the park or on the beach, lounging and reading while sipping a cold drink. Last summer, I was obsessed with Tajin, a chili-lime seasoning that seems to make everything it touches better. It’s excellent on melon and peaches, and an easy thing to bring along to the beach or picnic to add to the rims of cheap beers. On a recent trip to Texas, in search of Tajin, I stumbled upon the Austin gas stations’ selection of various additives for your cheap beer, and that’s how I discovered Beer Salt. 

The specific Beer Salt I found is made by the pleasingly-named company Twangerz, and the concept is pretty similar to what I was using Tajin for. You shake some on the rim of your beer or cocktail for a salty, citrus-y bite, to transform your Coors Light into a kind of Michelada knock-off. Beer Salt comes in a couple different flavors, including lime, lemon-lime, and chili-lime, depending on what you’re going for. It also is sold in a tiny beer bottle which is pretty cute, and convenient for stashing in your bag for future use. It’s great. 

Easy never tasted so awesome.


An offshoot of Beer Salt that I particularly loved is Pickle Salt, which is what it sounds like—salt that has the briney bite of pickles. That one is good in cheap beer as well, but would be equally as tasty lining the rim of a Margarita or a Paloma in the summer heat. It would probably also be dang tasty on popcorn or fresh fuit, or even stirred into your favorite dip. It may be a little ways off, but summer is on the way. Stock up on your salts now. 

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