Granola product sold in Tesco recalled after it was declared ‘unsafe to eat’

Rude Health Foods has recalled its Low Sugar Granola, specifically the almond and hazelnut flavour, which is sold in Tesco stores.

An urgent warning issued by the Food Standards Agency read: “This product may contain small stones which could be a choking hazard and could possibly cause harm if bitten. This makes it unsafe to eat.”

The product is made with “Mediterranean almonds and Turkish hazelnuts”, according to the Rude Health website, both of which are known allergens.

However, the recall was made on entirely different grounds in this case, unlike most food warnings.

Customers who have purchased the granola have been urged not to consume the granola if the packaging is printed with specific best-before dates.

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Product details

Rude Health Low Sugar Granola – Almond and Hazelnut

  • Pack size: 400g
  • Best before April 17, 2024, May 11, 2024, June 12, 2024

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A point of sales notice has been advertised in stores that sell the product, including Tesco, and Waitrose.

According to the statement, “no other batches” of the low-sugar granola are impacted, other than the dates stated above.

They urged people to consider that this “is not an allergen risk” so it could affect any customer who consumes the breakfast item.

Rude Health claimed that it “sincerely regrets any inconvenience” caused to its customers and urged people to hold onto the unopened packaging.

Those who purchased an affected batch can return the product to the origin store for a full refund.

According to the manufacturer, consumers are entitled to a refund with or without a receipt in this instance.

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