‘I work at KFC – there’s only one item you should order off the menu at night’

The KFC employee took to Reddit to share their advice with lovers of the US fried chicken chain.

Posting in a thread on the popular forum, the user who goes by the name Jake_the_cake_ wrote: “I am a KFC cook, ask me anything”.

A fellow forum user responded with the obvious question: “What do you eat from KFC? If anything. Or what should I get?”

Despite specialising in chicken, the employee raised an interesting point about exactly which forms of fried meat should be ordered.

And they didn’t hold back from sharing exactly what should be avoided too.

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The former US fast-food chain employee revealed: “The only thing I eat at KFC is grilled chicken when it is freshly made. If it is not, I tend to stick to strips or hot wings.”

When it came to recommending exactly what other customers should order, they warned that the time of day makes a real difference.

The Reddit user wrote: “What should you get, well if you head to KFC at night only get original chicken (all the other things tend to be sitting there for a while).

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They continued: “If it is during the day stick to the original chicken, or the mashed potato bowls and strips.”

While one fellow forum member claimed that this was not strictly true, noting that “all items have a limited lifetime” and “must be discarded”, the user named Jake_the_cake opined that the restaurant manager would change the hold time on products to reduce food waste costs.

He wrote: “Upper management is always concerned about the food cost. So, most of the time the RGM or the manager on duty changes the hold time on our product until we sell the product. Unless we know we are getting a food inspection soon that is when our shift supervisors follow the proper hold time procedures and let us discard food.”

It wasn’t the only restaurant secret revealed by the KFC worker.

They also hinted at the ingredients that could be found in the trademark seasoning mix.

The Reddit user said: “The secret seasoning comes pre-mixed in already. All we do is combine flour, salt, milk and egg mix, and the original recipe seasoning it has a lot of pepper though.”

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