Iced coffee recipe: One-minute method for an ‘instant’ and ‘refreshing’ summer drink

Rachel Maclean says she 'needs another coffee'

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Iced coffee is energising yet refreshing and is incredibly easy to make at home. While you may think pouring a cold, caffeinated shot over ice is the simplest way to do it, there’s an even better method you should try for the perfect drink. Whether you enjoy a bitter americano or a creamy latte, this is the only recipe you need to make a barista-style iced coffee at home.

How to make ‘instant’ iced coffee

This instant coffee recipe can be made to suit any taste, with full-fat milk and sugar, or perhaps a nutty dairy-free alternative.

The quantities listed below will create a simple black or white coffee, depending on whether you add milk or not.

According to Happy Foods Tube, all you need for this simple yet flavoursome drinks is:

  • Two to three teaspoons of instant coffee
  • One cup of ice cubes
  • 125ml water
  • 125ml milk
  • Brown sugar
  • A blender or cocktail shaker and spoon
  • Syrup, honey or spices for a customised flavour

For a blended drink:

Start by dissolving the instant coffee granules or powder in 125ml of cold water, stirring well until the liquid is silky and smooth.

Add the ice, coffee shot and milk into the blender and blitz until a smooth foam forms.

If you want to flavour your iced drink, you should also add in a few drops of vanilla essence, a squeeze of honey, or a teaspoon of brown sugar to sweeten the liquid before blending.

Fill a glass with ice and pour the coffee over the frozen cubes.

You won’t even need to stir before drinking, you can just dive straight in.

For a handmade drink

Shaking up your own iced coffee is just as quick as blending the ingredients together.

Dissolve the coffee in 125ml of cold water and whisk until smooth.

Fill a cocktail shaker with ice and pour the coffee, milk and any flavourings into the container.

Shake well over your shoulder to combine the ingredients – this should take around 30 seconds.

Pour the contents of the shaker into a clean glass, or add fresh ice and strain the coffee mixture over the top.

Drink straight away to enjoy your refreshing barista-style coffee.

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How to make an iced latte

While a simple coffee mixture is a good base to suit any taste, all you need to do is adjust the ingredients to create a creamy latte.

You will need a blender for this milky drink, though the ingredients are largely the same.

  • Three teaspoons of instant coffee
  • Three teaspoons of brown sugar
  • Four tablespoons of milk
  • 250ml cold water
  • A handful of ice cubes (around six) and extra for the glasses

Blend the water, ice and sugar in a blender until the foam forms.

Pour the milk into a clean glass and add two ice cubes.

Take a tablespoon, and hold it against the inside of the glass as you slowly pour the coffee onto the iced milk.

Leave it to sit for a few seconds until the layers form and add more of the foamy mixture on top using a spoon.

Sprinkle with ground cinnamon to serve.

For a caramel or syrup-flavoured latte, the ingredients can be shaken rather than blitzed.

Pour two to three teaspoons of instant coffee into a glass jar, along with one cup of ice cubes 125ml water, 125ml milk and a drop of vanilla essence.

Add two tablespoons of caramel sauce into the mixture, close the lid tightly and shake well.

Fill a tumbler with ice and line the outside of the glass with more sweet sauce.

Pour the shaken mixture over the ice and serve immediately.

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