IHOP's All-You-Can-Eat Pancake Deal Is On Until March 1

IHOP's All-You-Can-Eat Pancake Deal

In my (perhaps controversial) opinion, there are few foods more intensely satisfying than pancakes. They’re sweet, soft, fluffy, and allow you to eat “cake” before 10 a.m. For someone will an insatiable appetite for breakfast foods like myself, there are few sights more awe-inspiring than an endless—you heard me, ENDLESS—portion of pancakes. 

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From now until March 1st, that’s exactly what you can get from IHOP with it’s “All You Can Eat Pancakes” deal. The fan-favorite promotion is back for another year, and here’s how it works: Order any Breakfast Combo on the menu, and you’ll receive a side of two glorious, golden pancakes. When you finish those, you’ll find two more waiting for you. After that round, two more, and two more, until you are stuffed will all the pancakes you can possibly contain. 

The good news doesn’t stop there. For the first year in IHOP history, you can get the All You Can Eat Pancake side with your purchase of the 2x2x2 Combo (the cheapest of the breakfast combos) on Mondays-Fridays. So, not only will you get your fill (and then some) of pancakes, you also get to round out the meal with two eggs and a choice of two sausage links or two hickory-smoked bacon strips, all for just $4.99.


You know what they say: every good deal has a better deal inside of it. So we’re offering free All You Can Eat Pancakes with the purchase of any breakfast combo, and on weekdays, get a 2x2x2 combo with All You Can Eat pancakes for just $4.99.

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This pancake plethora does have a few notes in fine print: The deal doesn’t apply to kid’s meals or omelets, and it is limited to one person per order. Also, the offer won’t be available on February 25th, National Pancake Day, when the pancake chain is handing out free short stacks of pancakes instead. Otherwise, be sure to get all of your eggs, hash browns, and buttermilk pancakes in before the deal expires March 1st. I know I will.

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