I'm Obsessed With This Mexican-Inspired Ice Cream Line

Helados La Neta

Sometimes ice cream is comfort food. We all have flavors we grew up eating, that we return to in times of anxiety, or celebration, or just on a Tuesday night when we need a little treat. But Helados La Neta is proving that ice cream can also be a culinary experience, something that transports you and reminds you of a different place. In this case, that place is Mexico.

Helados La Neta, which translates to “the truth,” offers seven varieties, all inspired by flavors that are familiar and comforting in the Mexican culinary tradition. They range from Aguacate Con Limón, a creamy avocado ice cream shot through with bright lime, to a classic horchata flavor, inspired by cool, creamy rice-based horchatas that are common at taco spots and restaurants across the country. 

I was a little skeptical of the avocado and lime flavor—I don’t typically love the trend of putting avocado in everything, but this combination actually made sense. In this pint, I found the avocado to be less of a flavor than a texture, with that creamy cooling vibe that avocados offer in other applications. The lime flavor complemented it nicely, and I found myself going back for bite after bite.

My favorite, though, was definitely the Horchata Clásica flavor, which really captured the creamy, sweet comfort of a cup of horchata on a hot day. The rice flavor was present but not overwhelming, and the traditional cinnamon didn’t overwhelm the whole thing (a complaint I often have about flavors and desserts that include cinnamon.)

Find Helados La Neta online, or buy pints at Walmart, H-E-B, Kroger, Safeway, Shoprite, or Fresh Market. Pints are $7 online and range from $4 to $6 at in-person retailers.

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