'Incognito Doritos' Are Here and They're Really Confusing

I’ve read this press release from Frito-Lay quite a few times, and I think I might possibly be beginning to understand what’s going on here—kind of.  

Let me try to summarize: The new “Incognito Doritos” are not Doritos at all. The bag is actually just a tightly folded Spider-Man suit. But why? I do not know.

In what I can only assume is an effort to complicate matters further, the press release clarifies that “this is not just any suit.” It’s an “official replica of the ‘Black & Red’ edition made by Spider-Man's official suit maker Shafton Inc. that will make its debut in the upcoming film, marking the first time fans can get their hands on one.”

If you want to get your hands on one of these faux chip bags, you’ll have to enter a giveaway sweepstakes. All you have to do is tweet about what superpower you get from Doritos (again, I don’t know—just use your imagination) using #IncognitoDoritos and #entry before June 30. Make sure to tag @Doritos.

Doritos will auction off one special-edition version on eBay to benefit Capes4Heroes, which “creates personalized superhero capes for kids with disabilities or illnesses or who just need to feel empowered.” They’ll also make a separate donation. Perplexed as we are, we think that’s pretty cool.

"Teaming up with Spider-Man, we knew we had to deliver something epic and iconic to fans around the world," Leslie Vesper, senior director of marketing, Frito-Lay North America, said in a statement. "So we thought in a humorous way we could help Peter Parker keep his identity secret. We also know that there's a strong overlap between our core Doritos consumers and Spider-Man fans, so we wanted to create something fun that truly brings both worlds together and for a good cause."

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