Keep herbs fresh and crispy for ‘an entire month’ with clever food storage hack

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Savings expert at WeThrift, Nick Drewe, shared a “lesser-known method” to make herbs last longer.

Nick explained: “It involves removing any rubber bands or plastic ties holding the herbs together.

“Then, cleansing them in a salad spinner or under the cold tap.

“Next, place them in a clean tea towel to dry.

“Once they are dry, wrap them up in a damp paper towel, then place the herbs safely inside a reusable plastic bag or an airtight plastic box – voila!

“Your herbs should stay fresh and tasty for longer,” he said.

Another very effective hack is to place the herbs in a jar with water.

This is especially handy for the hardest herbs to care for, such as basil.

Nick said: “It never seems to be happy, wherever it is placed.

“TikToker @neat.caroline has answered all of our basil-related prayers and revealed that it actually thrives the most simply placed on a counter – like a bunch of flowers,” he said.

Another TikTok user,, who often shares food storage hacks, recommended the same method.

They explained: “This is how you keep your herbs fresh for an entire month.

“It’s so easy. Would you try this out? #kitchenhacks #foodwaste #ecofriendly #zerowasteliving #lowwaste #herbs #cookingtips #cookinghacks #ecofriendlykitchen ♬ love letters – Burbank

“Just place them in a jar of water almost like a bouquet of flowers.

“If you keep the leaves out of the water, cut the stems and change the water often.

“They will stay crispy for weeks.”

Another TikTok user, AJ Pitts, commented: “Great advice!”

Nick Drewe commented: “A recent study showed that 4.5 million tonnes of fruit and vegetables were wasted every year in the UK alone.

“Thankfully, there are many accounts on several social media platforms that are dedicated to seeking out new and exciting methods to keep perishables fresh and firm, and they don’t have to break the bank, either.

“From swaddling to freezing, to specialised tubs.

“Being a storage enthusiast has never been so useful!”

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