KFC’s Mother’s Day Gift to Moms Everywhere: ‘Chickendales’ Dancers

Hot on the heels of Kentucky Fried Chicken’s unveiling of its surprisingly sexy digital influencer version of Colonel Sanders, the fried chicken chain has cooked up something else steamy that’s aimed at the special lady in your life on Mother’s Day. No, it’s not a new kind of chicken (though there is a new dessert on the menu, more on that later) — get ready to meet the “Chickendales.”

Starting today, you can head to chickendales.com to send a semi-personalized video to your mom (with her name and state included) featuring another, new sexy Colonel Sanders, joined bunch of hunky guys ready to strip down and deliver a heartwarming message courtesy of their underoos (this is, of course, all assuming your mom is into guys in general and hunky guys specifically). The dudes are actual dancers on loan from the famed all-male Chippendales striptease dance troupe which tours internationally in addition to its long-running shows in cities like Las Vegas. Check out the un-personalized version of the video below (it’s NSFW depending on how cheeky or not your office is):


As for that new dessert item, KFC has repurposed its classic biscuits into a sweet treat with a little help from cinnamon roll maker Cinnabon. The biscuits are topped with a cinnamon brown sugar glaze and cream cheese frosting. The Cinnabon Dessert Biscuits are available from April 29 through June 30, or while supplies last, and come free in a four-pack with any 10-piece (or larger) meal, or they can be purchased a la carte for $1 each and four for $3.

Previously, KFC has celebrated Mother’s Day by releasing a Colonel Sanders-themed romance novel and fried chicken-flavored chocolate truffles (in New Zealand). Both of those and this new promotion are right in line with the brand’s commitment to outlandish and eye-catching stunts including clothing, chicken-scented sunscreen, and even a bucket-shaped hot tub. Heck, KFC even hired RoboCop to keep it’s secret recipe safe! With all of these left-field promotions, at this point a collaboration with the Chippendales is pretty much expected.

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