‘KFC’s new Teriyaki Bites are delicious, but burger was disappointing’ – review

For the first time, KFC is fusing its world-famous Kentucky fried chicken with Japan’s favourite Teriyaki sauce, with not only one but two new limited-time menu items. 

Launched last week, fans can try the Teriyaki Burger and the boneless chicken Teriyaki Bites until September 3.

Teriyaki Burger 

The Teriyaki Burger features crispy Original Recipe chicken dripping in sweet and tangy Teriyaki sauce, sandwiched in a brioche-style bun with pickled slaw and burger sauce. 

The number of ingredients varied between each burger; some had massive pieces of chicken, while others were on the small side, and similarly, a few burgers were packed with pickled slaw and burger sauce, while others were lacking. 

We also felt there wasn’t enough of the Teriyaki sauce – it wasn’t “dripping” in sauce as we had expected. 

The Teriyaki Burger can be ordered on its own, or incorporated into a meal or box meal. 

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Teriyaki Bites

The boneless chicken Teriyaki Bites are classic pieces of boneless chicken smothered in thick teriyaki sauce. 

They were deliciously crispy and dropped in sweet and tangy Teriyaki sauce. 

Each tub contains four boneless bites, but that’s not enough for one person – they’re so damn good, you will want more than one tub. 

The Teriyaki Burger is available in the restaurant for £6.49 and on KFC Delivery for £6.99, and the Teriyaki Bites are available in the restaurant for £2.49 and on KFC Delivery for £2.99. 

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