Lady Amelia Windsor’s ‘handy’ recipe for plant-based Thai-style curry – ‘a crowd-pleaser’

Lady Amelia Windsor arrives at Miu Miu fashion show

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Lady Amelia Windsor appeared on a YouTube video with London-based chef Nina Parker to make a Thai-style curry with a special twist. Instead of a usual Thai-style curry that would have chicken or prawns, Amelia’s curry was plant-based to suit her mainly vegan diet. Nina said in the video: “We had a little chat about what Amelia wanted to cook and you said something plant-based with a lot of vegetables, greens and mushrooms. So I’ve listened to you and we’ve got some mushrooms in here and we’ve also got some broccoli.” Amelia responded by saying: “Yes, all my favourites!”

Ingredients for plant-based Thai-style curry

300g broccoli, cut into small pieces and thinly slice the broccoli stalks
300g cauliflower, cut into small pieces
One aubergine, cut into small cubes
100g button mushrooms, big ones halved
Half tsp garlic powder
Six tbsp sesame seed oil/sunflower oil
Pinch dried chilli flakes or chilli powder
Two tbsp soya sauce (use tamari to make it gluten-free)
Two handfuls of baby spinach
400ml coconut milk
Handful cashews, roughly chopped
Juice of one lime
400ml veg stock, hot
Sea salt and black pepper.

Ingredients for the curry paste

Half onion, banana shallot (80g)
Four garlic clove
One large thumb ginger, 30g
One lemongrass, the stem trimmed and sliced in half
Three mild chillies for Thai chillies (very spicy), 80g
Half tsp coriander powder
Half tsp cumin powder
Large bunch of coriander stalks (with the leaves saved for mixing into the curry).


Preheat the oven to 190 degrees and line two baking trays with either a baking mat or greaseproof paper.

Add the broccoli pieces, cauliflower, chopped aubergine and mushrooms to the trays keeping the veg in separate groups.

Drizzle over three tablespoons of sesame seed or sunflower oil and season with garlic powder, salt and pepper.

Toss the veg so that they are evenly coated and place them into the preheated oven.

The mushrooms can be removed after five minutes and scraped onto a plate.

Then the rest of the veg should take 20 minutes.

They will look golden and crispy but still with a little bite.

While the veg is cooking you can make the curry paste.

Place all the paste ingredients into a blender and blend to a “rough-ish paste” according to Nina.

Set a large non-stick frying pan to a medium to high heat and add the remaining three tablespoons of sunflower oil.

When hot, scrape in the paste and fry for about three minutes until the liquid has evaporated, it has reduced in size and darkened in colour.

Then add in the coconut milk, hot vegetable stock and dried chilli flakes, bringing to a gentle simmer for one minute.

Then carefully pour in the roast vegetables and cook for one minute before removing from the heat.

Season with soya sauce and lime juice.

Serve in bowls with rice, baby spinach, coriander leaves (roughly chopped) and cashews.

Amelia said: “I make vegetables but in a very simple way, not ever anything exciting and a veggie curry is one of my favourite things and to have that in your mind to be able to go back to would be very handy – it’s always a crowd-pleaser.”

The royal also shared how she enjoys her scrambled eggs, saying: “I love cooking with turmeric! I love scrambled eggs for turmeric and I used to do it with coconut oil which is so delicious because the coconut oil makes it taste quite creamy.”

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