Lisa Faulkner: Chef shares ‘trick’ for ‘most crispy’ roast potatoes & stuffed turkey

Lisa Faulkner shares her tips for Christmas dinner

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Lisa Faulkner is an English actor, presenter, and celebrity chef who often appears on ITV to share her popular recipes with viewers. Today, the chef appeared on Lorraine to demonstrate to fans how to make stuffed turkey with roast potatoes.

Vegetarians and meat-eaters alike can’t go wrong with roast potatoes.

Lisa said: “What you definitely want on Christmas Day are the most delicious crispy roast potatoes.”

The chef took a bowl of boiled potatoes and a small tray that already had oil in it.

“My little trick is a chicken stock cube,” she revealed, before sprinkling the cube on top of the oil in the tray.

Lisa then tipped the potatoes into the tray and gave them a “lovely coat” of the chicken stock and oil.

For a vegetarian version, use a vegetable stock cube instead.

The chef placed the potatoes in the oven for around 40 minutes.

As for the turkey, Lisa decided to opt for a turkey breast stuffed with stuffing and bacon.

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She described the centrepiece as a “Christmas rolled turkey breast with a great, very easy stuffing”.

Lisa continued showed viewers her packet mix of sage and onion stuffing, as well as a small saucepan of lardons and chopped onions.

She explained that it is also possible to use bacon or pancetta.

The chef then added a grated apple and chopped chestnuts to the pan.

“Then, I’m just going to add my packet stuffing, turn off the heat, and mix all of this together,” Lisa explained.

She set the stuffing aside before turning to the turkey breast, which she bought from the local butchers and can feed a family of four to six.

After taking the skin off, the chef took her knife down the sides of the meat and opened it “like a book”.

She then flattened it out with cling film and bashed it with a rolling pin.

Lisa placed the stuffing in the turkey and started to roll “the first little bit of the book”.

She then put rashers of streaky bacon on some foil and placed the turkey on the foil.

This can be done on Christmas Eve before putting it in the fridge, ready to cook on Christmas morning.

On the big day, it goes into the oven on 180°C for an hour and a half.

Afterwards, it is worth resting the turkey for 30 to 40 minutes before eating it, according to Lisa.

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