Love Fudge or hate Snickers? How many are in each Christmas selection box

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An analysis of chocolate selection tubs has revealed how to get your – or your loved one’s – favourite sweets this Christmas. The study looked at which tub is the best value for money based on people’s preferred chocolate brands.

Consumer group Which? looked at four popular chocolate selection tubs and found how many chocolates are in each.

This should make it easier for households to avoid arguments if a family member misses out on one of their favourite chocolates.

Which? gave consumers a complete breakdown of what they are likely to find in each tub.

Analysing the contents of 600g to 650g tubs of Celebrations, Heroes, Quality Street, and Roses, Which? found how many of each sweet variety is usually found in each tub.

In the average Celebrations tub, the most common chocolates were Milky Way and Snickers, with 12 bars of each.

The least common were Galaxy and Galaxy Caramel, with six bars of each.

A tub of Celebrations is therefore not ideal for those who dislike Snickers.

As for Heroes, Eclairs and Fudges are the most common sweets, with nine bars of each in the average Heroes tub.

Twirl and Wispa, two very popular Cadbury chocolates, are the least common in a Heroes tub, with five bars of each.

Quality Street, which has the highest number of chocolate varieties of the four tubs – 11 – has nine Pink Fudges in the average box.

The strawberry-flavoured chocolate is the most common sweet, while the Green Triangle and the Orange Crunch are the least common.

There are only four of each of these in the average Quality Street box.

Lastly, Which? analysed the average box of Cadbury’s Roses.

Dairy Milk is the most common chocolate in this selection tub, with nine bars of each in the average tub.

Fudge and Truffle are the least common varieties, with four of each.

The disparity between the chocolate varieties in each iconic tub is therefore evident.

This prompted leading education expert Professor Alan Smithers, director of the Centre for Education and Employment Research at Buckingham University, to comment.

He said: “Children have a sharp sense of fairness and a sensible parent would get them to share out the chocolates equally.

“‘If there aren’t equal numbers, you can see that disputes might arise. It would make sense for chocolate manufacturers to think about this.”

The tubs are available in a range of sizes, but Which? recommended a 600g or 650g box for the best value for money.

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