McDonald’s chef shares surprising ingredient in Big Mac sauce – it’s not ketchup

The McDonald’s Big Mac is the second best-selling menu item after the fast food chain’s signature French fries, and there’s no doubt about why.

Made with two 100 percent British beef patties and three layers of sesame seed bun, the burger is complete with cheese, finely chopped onion, shredded lettuce, pickles, and of course, the secret Big Mac sauce.

While many people love the unique condiment, few know exactly what’s in it.

However, a former employee of the fast-food chain has lifted the lid on the secret recipe by divulging his own copycat version on TikTok.

In a video posted on his profile, ex-McDonald’s corporate chef Mike Haracz revealed the surprising list of ingredients in the famous burger sauce.

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More importantly, the video revealed that there’s actually no ketchup in the tangy condiment – despite its trademark pink hue.

Instead, the mayonnaise-based sauce gets its unique flavour from a combination of Düsseldorf mustard and white wine vinegar.

Mike revealed that the orange colour comes from a small dose of paprika, which acts as a dye as well as a flavour additive.

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Aside from mustard, vinegar, and paprika, the rest of the ingredients are as expected.

The Big Mac sauce is crafted from a mixture of mayonnaise, sweet pickle relish, onion powder, granulated garlic, and white pepper.

According to Mike, these should be whisked together and left to settle for a minimum of 30 minutes to form a thick condiment that resembles the one used in McDonald’s restaurants.

The former employee claimed that this is as close to the real recipe as possible, and based on the ingredients listed on the McDonald’s website, it makes sense.

There’s no ketchup or any other tomato-based products included in the list, but there is a wide array of stabilisers, preservatives and spices which can be skipped to make a version at home.

While it won’t last half as long, it is a good alternative for those hoping to make a McDonald’s fakeaway without the cost or calories.

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