Meghan Markle’s fans can have dinner with Duchess of Sussex for £4,307

Meghan Markle to host event with tables starting at $5K

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Meghan Markle, 41, will be appearing at an event called ‘The Power of Women – An evening with Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex’ on November 29. The event will be taking place at the Indianapolis Marriott Downtown Hotel, and royal fans cannot believe how much the ticketed event costs.

Melissa Knowles, a TV anchor on HLN TV in America, told her viewers on Wednesday: “If you have ever wanted to have dinner with Meghan Markle, now is your chance, but it’s going to cost you!

“The Duchess and Prince Harry will be at the Power of Women, an Evening with Meghan the Duchess of Sussex charity event in central Indiana.

“Tables of 10 are available starting at $5,000. You can go to to purchase that. It’s going to take place on November 29.”

The price of tickets in British Sterling equates to roughly £4,307 if any British fans of the Duchess want to take an overseas trip to hear Meghan speak.

For that starting price, benefits include one table with 10 seats and a listing in the event programme. The tax-deductible amount of each $5,000 table is $2,500, so there will be $2,500 worth of food and drink provided at the event according to the Women’s Fund website.

For the $10,000 ticket, or roughly £8,600 in British Sterling, attendees will get a table with 10 seats with preferred seating and location, including a pre-dinner cocktail reception. Similarly to the $5,000 table, the tax-deductible amount of each $10,000 table is $5,000 (so there will be $5,000 worth of goods provided at the event).

Royal fans did not hold back when discussing how expensive the tickets to have dinner and hear Meghan speak at a ticketed event were.

Twitter user Jason Nicholls said: “Pay $5,000 to have dinner with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry? I’ll pass…”

One social media user @MJL_Uncensored tweeted sarcastically: “Checks wallet.”

Royal watcher @kali_ann76 added: “I can’t even afford a sample of the menu…”

Despite this event being extremely expensive for many royal fans, they can make some of Meghan’s recipes at home which she has previously shared in various interviews and are much more affordable.

The Duchess told Eye Swoon in 2017 that her morning routine consisted of an açaí bowl, green juice, and cleanse shake.

Meghan’s açaí bowl recipe is pretty straightforward, as she blends the packet with the banana and a dash of almond milk.

She also artfully tops her bowls with a sprinkle of fresh berries, coconut flakes, banana, Manuka honey, and bee pollen.

According to Delish, Meghan regularly ate oatmeal while filming her television show Suits. This was likely because she spent many hours working on set, and needed fuel to keep her going.

In Meghan’s latest Archetypes episode, she shared she has begun drinking coffee again, however, the Duchess previously said she prefers to drink a cup of warm lemon water every morning to start her day instead of coffee.

In addition, Meghan said she usually orders “avocado toast with a poached egg on top” whenever she stays at a hotel.

According to Delish, a typical Meghan Markle lunch consists of a hearty salad with protein, and usually a quinoa or rice base.

Although the Duchess specified she prefers using beans as a protein, she has shared in other interviews that she doesn’t avoid all meat 100 percent of the time.

Therefore, she likely eats a little bit of chicken or turkey, as long as it’s paired with some greens.

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