Megyn Kelly’s ‘simple but delish’ egg recipe sounds delicious

In the past, journalist Megyn Kelly has admitted that she “can’t cook” and has amused her fanbase by posting some of her hilarious recipe fails. Now however, it seems like the former Fox News correspondent has stepped up her cooking game as she recently posted a delicious-looking egg breakfast on social media that her fans are saying looks like it could have come from a “fancy restaurant.”

On Instagram, Megyn Kelly a picture of her dish and said: “Doug and I made these for breakfast for the fam (courtesy of my brother-in-law’s recipe – thanks Ken Brunt!) and they went over big!”

Megyn shared her tips for making her egg dish for a weekend breakfast. First, she said, you will need two eggs for each serving of the dish. Once you have your eggs boil them on the stove for six minutes.

Then, Megyn said to let your eggs sit in cold water or ice for another four minutes to get the perfect yolk eggs. She took a baguette and put it in the toaster oven with some butter and gruyère cheese and sliced eggs while waiting for the bread to toast.

Once everything was ready, she arranged everything onto a plate and added salt and pepper.

In the comments, fans said they were going to try making the tasty-looking dish. One person wrote, “Looks simple but delish, I am going to try this over the weekend” while another user named Joan said, “I tried this recipe and it worked perfectly.”

Another commentator named Laura wrote: “I thought for certain that was an image from a fancy restaurant but it looks like you have one in your kitchen! Thank you for sharing the recipe.”

Someone else wrote that the dish “looked delish” and other comments said it looked “amazing” and “yummy.” Some fans recommended some other ingredients for the dish, as one fan named Debbie said she had tried the breakfast recipe with avocado, while other people said they had added soy or tabasco sauce.

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One fan joked that they found it unbelievable that Megyn had made a successful breakfast after her past recipe mistakes on social media, and they wrote: “Cannot believe you have become a chef Megyn after the bacon disaster!”

A few years ago, Megyn admitted she needed some culinary help from her coworker at the time, Siri Daly, a cook on the Today show. The pair have cooked together on the show in the past, but one day Megyn took to Twitter to show what happened when she made breakfast without her coworker’s supervision.

On Twitter, Megyn wrote:: “Okay, [Siri] we need to talk. #baconfail,” and underneath the caption, there was a picture of extremely blackened and crumbled burned bacon.

People on the social media app were quick to respond to the hilarious breakfast mishap, with one user saying they thought Megyn’s cooking attempt was “criminal”. One fan joked: “You need to talk to the police and report as a criminal arsonist.”

Some people replied that they would eat the extremely burned bacon as it had been posted on April 20, the date often associated with smoking cannabis. One person said: “Don’t worry it is 4/20, I think it will get eaten.”

Another dismayed fan wrote: “What in the world Megyn, seriously?!” while someone else said: “My dog would even walk away from this.” Somebody else joked: “I thought this was beef jerky at first” while another commentator said: begged Megyn to never attempt to cook a Sunday roast by herself.

However, some fans tried to be positive at the disastrous bacon outcome, as one person wrote: “At least all the calories have been cooked out” while someone else said: “Look at it this way, There’s now a goodly amount of carbon in (that there bacon), along with some High-Density Lipoprotein. And no Carbs, too boot!”

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