Morrisons accused of ‘robbing shoppers’ over pumpkin prices

Customer compares pumpkin prices at every main supermarket

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Customers have accussed Morrisons of “robbing shoppers” over the hefty £8.99 price tag on Morrisons’ pumpkins. The retailer is reportedly charging more than every other supermarket for its “giant” pumpkins, reports the Manchester Evening News. 

They might be larger, but they don’t appear to be that much larger than the big ones sold elsewhere – only slightly bigger than Sainsbury’s “monster” ones costing £3 each. One shopper shared a photo of a box full of the £8.99 pumpkins to a budget Facebook group and others were ‘shocked’ by the price, believing it must be a mistake.

“Wow! They’re so cheap elsewhere so that’s got to be an error,” said one. “That’s crazy they were no more than 3 quid last year for a massive one,” said another.

One customer accused the retailer of ‘taking the p***’, with another adding: “Morrisons absolutely robbing their loyal customers with the extravagantly high prices on the basics and things people need, all their own brands have been pushed up so much.”

It’s not the first time that Morrisons has been under fire over its price hikes. In the MEN’s weekly price comparison of basics like bread and milk, the supermarket has been the most expensive for months now, with shoppers accusing it of ‘laughing at customers’ with regular increases.

Some shoppers commented on the pumpkin photo saying a day out picking their own worked out cheaper.

“Omg that’s bonkers,” said one. “My son went pumpkin picking yesterday with his 3 kids and it only cost £6 for 3. And they all had an amazing time.”

In our own comparison of pumpkins, we set out to find the biggest ones on sale at Asda, Tesco, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Lidl and Aldi.

At many of the stores, the cost didn’t differ too much – ranging from £2.85 to £3 at four of them – Aldi, Asda, Lidl and Sainsbury’s. Tesco was the cheapest at £1.75, but it only had a large, rather than extra large, so it was smaller than the rest.

As well as the giant ones, Morrisons had a wide selection at the door, including white ‘ghost’ pumpkins for £2.99 each and 59p munchkins inside. Its large orange pumpkins are £1.99, but these are smaller than the large available elsewhere and dwarfed by the ‘giant’ one.

Read the full comparison here.

A Morrisons spokesperson said: “Our giant pumpkins are a larger alternative to our standard large pumpkin and remain a popular choice for customers. However, we do offer a range of cheaper alternatives to suit, with our munchkin pumpkin costing as little as 59p and our large pumpkin at just £1.99.”

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