Mum’s recipe for ‘crispy’ roast potatoes that are ‘fluffy’

James Martin gives advice on cooking roast potatoes

TikTok mum Harleigh Fairgrieve, who shares videos of her day-to-day life on her page @harleighfairgriev, shared her “long-awaited” roast potatoes recipe with her audience of 298.3K viewers after they requested a how-to cooking guide. Harleigh explained that while the potatoes are “crispy” they are also “nice and fluffy” on the inside.

“This is my long awaited roast potatoes recipe,” she said in a video. Harleigh uses Maris Piper potatoes from ASDA, which retail for 90p for 1.25kg bag, as well as duck fat, salt, black pepper and thyme for seasoning.

“I peel Maris Piper potatoes, wash them [and] then cut them into similar size pieces,” she explained. “Then [I] add them to a pan and cover them with water. I can’t be [bothered] to wait for the water to boil so I use water from the kettle.” [SIC]

@harleighfairgriev Replying to @������☁️ The first 15 seconds is said with the upmost respect – I just don’t need unsolicited advice on how to make them ������ my highly requested Roast Potato recipe ������������������ #roastpotatoes #fyp #roastpotato ♬ original sound – Harleigh Fairgrieve

She points out that this does not hinder the potatoes’ ability to cook thoroughly, adding: “No, they do not come out raw on the inside because when you roast them that cooks the inside.”

While the potatoes are boiling, Harleigh prepares her roasting tray to go into the oven. “You’re going to add quite a lot of duck fat to a pan,” she explained. “I use about two and a half tablespoons. Put the tray in the oven at about 200C while your potatoes are boiling for about 15 minutes.”

For those who don’t want to use duck fat, in a comment Harleigh said: “Vegetable or coconut oil will also work.”

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Next, it’s time to “fluff” your potatoes. The TikTok mum does this in a colander and adds a little bit of flour to the mix. She recommends using ASDA’s own flour or the brand Freee’s gluten-free flour.

“Add them to your hot oil. The oil should be hot enough so they sizzle when they go in,” she said. “Then use a pair of tongs to fully coat them in the oil. Season them with simple salt, black pepper and a bit of dried thyme. You can use fresh thyme if you want. They’re going to go in the oven for about an hour.

“Just make sure you turn them every 15 minutes to ensure they cook evenly on all sides and that is literally it.”

So far, her roast potato recipe video has amassed 167.7K “likes” and has been shared 748 times. Commenters have also shared their experience trialling the recipe.

Niek said: “I literally used this method from your Sunday roast a week ago and they turned out perfect and so crispy.” Keira added: “This is exactly how my mum makes them. They’re heavenly.”

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