‘My delicious cheesy shepherd’s pie is a perfect, warming autumn dinner’

Gordon Ramsay’s take on a Classic Shepherd’s Pie

Now that autumn has arrived and the weather is getting colder more people are looking for simple, comfort foods to warm themselves up.

Foodies are sharing their favourite recipes, like this “hearty” express lasagna, which is the perfect autumn dinner, and this “wonderful” bolognese pasta bake recipe.

This cheesy shepherd’s pie recipe is the “perfect” dish for autumn. TikToker, selmarahmanii, has shared her own recipe for the classic British dish.

First, you start by cooking the mince and then seasoning it with old bay, all-purpose seasoning, BBQ seasoning, and mixed spices.

Next, she adds a red wine OXO stock pot to the pan and some Worcestershire sauce. After mixing the spices into the mice, she says the next step is to add carrots, onions and garlic.

Before stirring the food she recommends adding some more spices including sugar and tomato puree.

However, she said her boyfriend insisted she “add ketchup” instead of the puree, before adding: “But you don’t have to.”

After this, the TikToker said to add two beef stock cubes with water and stir all the ingredients together in the pan.

Sprinkle some rosemary and thyme on top before stirring into the mixture, she said.

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Then she moved on to making the mashed potatoes to go on top of the shepherd’s pie.

She explained that she peeled and diced the potatoes into small cubes and then boiled them in a pan until they were soft.

After that, she used a kitchen tool to mash the potatoes before adding a splash of milk and a medium-sized cube of butter.

The TikToker then added some cheese and some mixed herbs and spices including salt and pepper to the mashed potato.

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She spooned the shepherd’s pie mince mixture into a glass oven-proof dish, then sprinkled some cheese on top before spooning a thick layer of mashed potato on top.

“You do have to do it very gently so the meat doesn’t mix with the mash,” she explained.

For the final touch, she used a fork to make lines through the potato topping and then sprinkled some extra cheese on top.

Once that’s done, she said to put the pie in the oven at “about 200C) for half an hour.

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