Nando’s worker ‘driven mad’ by customers asking same question

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The restaurant giant is famous for its iconic chicken seasonings which range in spiciness from mild lemon and herb to extra hot. However, one Nando’s employee has shared her frustration about the spice scale, and the fact most customer’s won’t make their preference known without the server having to ask about it.

According to the Mirror, Alicia, who goes by the username @_.aliciak, filmed herself spinning around while wearing her Nando’s uniform with a comically frozen smile fixed on her face.

Pleading with customers to make their choice of spice level crystal clear, Alicia begged, “please state your chosen spice when ordering at Nando’s”, adding, “I’m one more ‘how spicy’ away from quitting my job.”

Fellow Nando’s employees in the comment section could sympathise all too well, commiserating over some of the obviously wrong answers customers give to the much-loathed question.

One person sighed: “I asked someone how spicy they wanted their wrap and they said ‘Peri-Peri’.”

Another raged: “When people ask for ‘mild or extra mild’ so plain or lemon and herb???”

A third advised: “If they don’t tell you just give them plain.”

Those who’ve worked for other restaurant chains quickly chimed in, with one former Wagamamas worker empathising: “Asking people if they wanted chili garlic or salt on their edamame was part of the reason I left Waga. Solidarity.”

Another advised: “And at KFC don’t ask for a burger pls state what burger.”

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