New Report Reveals Bottled Water Sold at Whole Foods Contains “Concerning Levels of Arsenic”

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While every brand of bottled water will try and explain why their particular source of spring water or filtration method makes their product superior, there really isn’t that much to differentiate one bottle of water from another. I mean, it’s water. 

But if recent findings from Consumer Reports are valid, you might want to think about steering clear of a particular brand of bottled water that’s sold at Whole Foods and through Amazon. Why? It’s got a decent amount of arsenic in it. 

When tested by Consumer Reports, Starkey Spring Water, which is manufactured by Whole Foods and sold in most of its US stores, contained between 9.49 and 9.56 parts per billion of arsenic, a dangerous heavy metal. While that amount was below the federally mandated threshold of ten parts per billion in bottled water, it was still more than three times as much arsenic as was found in any other of the “dozens of bottled water brands” that Consumer Reports tested. 

Starkey Water

According to Starkey Spring Water’s website, the water is sourced “more than two miles deep through fractures in the Imnaha Basalt, a volcanic formation where the water’s purity has been protected for more than 11,000 years.” The company further claims “there’s no technology or man-made process behind Starkey,” a lightly mineralized water that features a “gently alkaline pH of 9.6”. 

In a statement provided to Business Insider through a Whole Foods spokesperson, Starkey defended its product, which, again, doesn’t exceed the limit of acceptable arsenic. 

"At Starkey Water, our highest priority is to provide customers with safe, high-quality and refreshing spring water. Beyond the required annual testing by an FDA certified lab, we have an accredited third-party lab test every production run of water before it is sold," the statement said. "These products meet all FDA requirements and are fully compliant with FDA standards for heavy metals."

So, yeah. Drinking that much arsenic in a bottle of water is ok in the FDA’s eyes, but do with that information what you will. At least Whole Foods has been doing a pretty good job of handling other health and safety issues right now.  

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