Olive Garden’s Wildly Oversized Chicken Parm Returns


If Taco Bell is a brand that believes in living más, Olive Garden is a brand that believes in living più (at least if Google Translate is accurate). They love luring in customers with infinite amounts of soup, salad, and breadsticks, bowls of pasta that never end, and lucrative pasta passes. But at a time when restaurants that rely on dining in are struggling, Olive Garden knows that they need to break out the big guns or, shall we say, big parm, if they want to reel in customers.

That’s right, Garden-heads, the Giant Chicken Parmigiana is back on the menu, and oh boy it’s a doozy. Break out the ruler, because this is a breaded chicken cutlet that apparently measures 11.5 inches from end to end, and you better believe there is a proportional amount of tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese on top of this football-sized piece of breaded meat.

Oh— and in case a chicken parm that’s more than half the size of most infants isn’t enough for you, guess what? That massive plate is coming with a bunch of fettuccine Alfredo on the side, because why not just pile pasta next to a monstrously large chicken parm.

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Right about now, you might be wondering where Olive Garden got the idea for such an oversized chicken parm in the first place. Well, it first debuted as part of their “Giant Italian Classic” menu back in 2019, which also featured a massive 12-ounce meatball and stuffed shells that look to be roughly the size of a human fist.

So if you wanted to truly test the limits of your Italian food appetite or just order one entree for two people, ordering the Giant Chicken Parmigiana for takeout or delivery is the ticket. Now if they could just fit that chicken parm inside one of their breadsticks, well, that would really be something.


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