Parsnips will remain fresh for a long time with easy storage tip

Parsnips may belong to the same group of vegetables as potatoes but the sweet stems need different treatment when it comes to extending their shelf life.

When freshly harvested, they should keep for two to three weeks in the right place – though there is some debate as to where that is.

While some say a cool, dark place is best – just like with spuds, others claim that the fridge provides optimal conditions.

According to an expert at Kitchen Stories, the colder the better when it comes to this seasonal vegetable.

They explained: “You can easily store parsnips in the vegetable compartment of your fridge.”

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As explained by researchers at Michigan State University, a high relative humidity is crucial to the longevity of parsnips.

A paper published by researchers claimed that the fridge drawer storage method can extend the average storage life of parsnips to “two to six months”.

That said, there’s more to long-lasting parsnips than just where they’re kept at home.

It starts from the moment they’re plucked off the shelves in the supermarket or greengrocers.

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The Kitchen Stories contributor claimed: “You can easily buy parsnips in almost every supermarket, at the organic food store, or from your weekly market.

“It’s worthwhile to look for the smaller ones as these are tender and often less fibrous than larger parsnips.”

They added that when choosing the veggies, it’s worth taking a closer look at the leaves if they have them on.

According to the expert, a “juicy-green colour” indicates a “wonderfully fresh” parsnip, while leaves that are already yellow decisively prove that it is past its peak.

If the root vegetables are well-chosen, the next step is easy to keep them looking and tasting their best.

The Kitchen Stories expert said: “If well cleaned and wrapped in a damp kitchen towel, they can remain fresh for a long time.”

Simply wash and dry the parsnips at home and pat them until completely dry with a clean tea towel.

Then, take a few sheets of kitchen roll and lightly dampen it with some water, before wrapping the vegetables inside.

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