Pepsi makes huge change to its recipe – but fans unsure

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CocaCola may be the most well known soft drink in the world but Pepsi is a strong contender for many people. While it’s brown colouring, sweet taste, and extensive flavour range are what makes it so distinctive, the manufacturers have announced a huge change to the recipe – less sugar.

PepsiCo is the manufacturer of a wide range of crisps, oats, and soft drinks, including the expansive range of Pepsi bottles and cans.

Despite being known for its unique flavours, the company has confirmed that its flagship drink now contains less than half the amount of sugar originally in the formula.

To 57 percent reduction in sugar applies only to the classic blue label product, with the Diet and Max versions unchanged.

The decision means that now, the standard sized can of Pepsi (330ml) contains 4.55g of sugar per 100ml rather than 11g.

Previously, the total sugar content in one 330ml can was 36g, which exceeds the recommended daily amount of 30g for adults in the UK.

Now, classic blue-label Pepsi cans will contain just 15g. And the same applies to bottled versions of the drink too.

A two-litre bottle will now have 91g of sugar reduced from 213g, and a 500ml bottle just 22.75g down from 53.25g.

To reflect the new formula, Pepsi drinks will also include updated nutritional information on the packaging to track the updated sugar content of the product.

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While the new formula applies to all Pepsi products that have not yet been manufactured, existing cans and bottles will still be sold in supermarkets and retail outlets until stocks last.

However, a spokesperson at PepsiCo confirmed that venues including pubs and restaurants will continue to serve the original product which contains 10.65g of sugar per 100ml.

Therefore, customers are advised to check the ingredients to avoid disappointment when shopping for their favourite sugary beverage.

It’s not just sugar that has been cut in the new formula. Bottled Pepsi now contains just 59 calories per 330ml serving, equivalent to a single can.

On its website, the manufacturers stated: “We have worked hard to make sure our new classic Pepsi maintains the great taste that people expect while removing sugar and calories.”

Some of the sugar has been reformulated with a sweetener blend made of acesulfame potassium (Ace K) and sucralose. But the lower-calorie alternative isn’t to everyone’s liking.

Taking to Twitter, Chris Foot @chrissfoot wrote: “Since when does regular #pepsi now have sweeteners? One of the last remaining soft drinks that I could still enjoy is now ruined as well. Looks like Coca-Cola Classic is the last remaining bastion of actual real sugar.”

Another person named Bekah @I_Am_No_Jedi tweeted: “So, apparently normal Pepsi in the UK changed their recipe, reduced sugar and added sweetener, not sure why when they have diet and Pepsi Max? Anyway, it’s rotten won’t be buying more and it was my fave too!”

The revised formula means that Pepsi is now exempt from the Sugar Tax which was imposed by the Government in April 2018.

According to The Institute for Government, there is “no levy on soft drinks containing less than 5g of sugar per 100ml”.

With the new Pepsi drinks now made with just 4.55g per 100ml, the products bypass the 18p and 24p per litre charges imposed on soft drinks manufacturers.

Data from the Insitute estimated that the tax has already resulted in more than 50 percent of manufacturers reducing the sugar content of their products.

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