PSA: Moscow Mules Now Come in a Can

Of all the food and drink trends we’ve covered this year, canned cocktails might just be our favorite.  

That’s why we’re absolutely thrilled to report that a super trendy Midwestern company just introduced canned Moscow mules. That’s right—Moscow mules in a can. No fancy copper mug required.

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The Wisconsin-based Plain Spoke Cocktail Company uses all natural ingredients to craft real, cocktails that taste like they came “right out of the shaker.”

“We realized there is not a lot of great options out there if you want to buy something off the shelf,” Tom Dufek, Plain Spoke founder, said to Madison Magazine in January. “You can get amazing beer, any number of fancy wines, but if you want a cocktail that’s ready to go and you can drink on the boat or at the beach your options are limited, not just limited in quantity but also quality. We saw there was this opportunity to up the game when it comes to cocktails.”

Plain Spoke’s canned Moscow Mule boasts 10 percent ABV (not too shabby) and is made with just vodka, lemon juice, natural ginger flavor, and pure cane sugar.

The company also makes a canned Bourbon Smash cocktail made with bourbon, lemon juice, natural mint flavor, and pure cane sugar.

Good morning Minnesota! If you are in the Twin Cities area check us out this morning on @wcco at 9:45am! Tom will be talking all things Plain Spoke and what makes our #real #authentic so delicious and he will be sharing some exciting news too!

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Unfortunately, Plain Spoke products are only sold in Wisconsin and Minnesota. If you live elsewhere, it seems like you’re out of luck for the time being. Until the company expands to other states, you can console yourself with our classic Moscow Mule recipe.

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