Ravneet Gill’s coffee cake recipe is ‘no-waste’ and has ‘really good flavour’

Pastry Chef and Junior Bake Off judge Ravneet Gill has demonstrated how coffee grounds can have a second life in baking with an exclusive recipe for mini frosted coffee cakes.

The clever formula, which was created in collaboration with Nespresso, turns everyday food waste from freshly brewed coffee into a tasty treat, with both the grounds and coffee-pod capsules 100 percent recyclable after use.

Speaking exclusively to Express.co.uk, the former Junior Bake Off judge said: “When baking with waste products I think some of it is definitely trial and error, but coffee grounds is a really good one because even working in restaurants, we would have so many coffee grounds from baristas and we would use them up in interesting ways.

“And coffee grounds, especially from the Nespresso pods – because it’s so fresh, you get it immediately – after you’ve extracted the coffee, you can use the coffee and the grounds. It adds a little bit of texture and also imparts a really good flavour.

“I think also if you’ve got a recipe that doesn’t want too much liquid in it, but you still want the flavour of coffee, the grounds are a really good way of adding that in.”

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Makes 12 mini cakes:


  • 100g golden caster sugar
  • 25g unsalted butter
  • 80ml double cream

Cake batter

  • Three eggs
  • 60g golden caster sugar
  • 150ml neutral oil
  • 100ml brewed Nespresso coffee
  • 175g plain flour
  • On teaspoon of baking powder
  • One-quarter of a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda
  • Pinch of sea salt
  • 10g coffee grounds from the brewed coffee

Cream cheese frosting

  • 130g unsalted butter, softened
  • 150g icing sugar, sifted
  • 135g cream cheese
  • Pinch of sea salt
  • Cocoa powder to finish

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To make the dry caramel, start by putting 100g of the golden caster sugar in a clean dry saucepan over medium heat, swirling and stirring gently until deep golden brown.

Add the butter and whisk in until melted and smooth, then pour in the cream and stir. Bring the mixture to a simmer, pour into a heatproof bowl and allow to cool for 10 minutes while moving onto the cake batter.

Preheat the oven to 160C (fan) or 180, the grease and line a deep muffin tin or set of round silicone moulds. Brew a Nespresso coffee and set aside to mix the dry ingredients.

In a large bowl, stir together the flour, baking powder, bicarbonate of soda, salt and 10g of leftover coffee grounds from the brewed coffee.

In a large bowl or stand mixer, whisk together the eggs, 60g of the golden caster sugar and caramel mixture until it is well combined, add the oil and coffee and mix briefly. Carefully add the dry ingredients and mix well until it forms a smooth batter, then pour the mixture into round moulds filling them up three-quarters of the way.

Bake for 20-22 minutes or until a skewer is inserted into the cake it comes out clean, and leave the cakes to cool briefly before removing from the tin and transferring to a wire rack.

For the frosting, beat together the unsalted butter, salt and icing sugar in a large bowl or stand mixer until thick and smooth. Add the cream cheese and mix well to combine.

Pipe or spoon on top of each cake and finish with a light dusting of cocoa powder. These cakes will keep for three days once frosted if stored in an airtight container in the fridge, according to Ravneet.

Nespresso has teamed up with Royal Mail to make their famous pods even easier to recycle.

Anyone can book a Royal Mail doorstep collection for their used Nespresso capsules, or there is the option of dropping them off at any of the UK’s 14,000 Royal Mail’s 14,000 plus drop-off locations across the UK, including Royal Mail Customer Service Points and Post Offices and delivery offices.

The new service has made disposing of used coffee capsules as easy and ethical as possible, meaning coffee enthusiasts can brew and book their collections at their preferred date and time without needing to leave the house.

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