Red, White, and Blue Oreos Are Coming This Summer for the 2020 Olympics


Arguably, there are already too many Oreo flavors out in the world. From mystery flavors to more recent releases, the spectrum of tastes is pretty much covered. Heck, there’s even Oreo popcorn at this point. You’re never going to believe this, but it looks like another Oreo is on the way— one that at least seems to both make sense as a limited-run cookie and break from the typical Oreo mold in some visible ways.

To begin the ramp-up to Tokyo, Oreo is releasing a “Team USA” cookie to commemorate America’s participation in the 2020 Summer Olympics. As an official cookie sponsor of the US Olympic Team (a sponsorship that would seem counterproductive for some of the most nutrition-obsessed athletes on the planet), Oreo has taken it upon themselves to release this new edition which features patriotic red, white, and blue layers of creme.

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The fact that we get colorful creme is pretty notable, since it’s a rare example of ‘stuf’ layering. It sounds like each Oreo will have as many calories as a Mega Stuf Oreo, which leads you to believe that contain more “stuf” than normal to accommodate those three layers. Though it’s purely aesthetic, the fact that each chocolate sandwich cookie features the American flag and the Olympic rings is a nice way to feel like you’re part of something bigger than yourself.

This isn’t the first time Oreo has done a product tie-in that touts its US Olympic Team partnership. In early 2019, they dropped a limited-edition Winter Olympics edition, featuring different designs on the outside of each cookie. They looked cool, but the timing is odd given that there were no Olympics happening in 2019.

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With a release timed for this summer, this latest patriotic Oreo iteration should be perfect for cheering on Team USA’s superhuman athletes, some of whom may not have eaten an Oreo at any point in the past decade.


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