Remember SunnyD? There Are New Flavors Now

If you’re a 90’s kid, surely you remember SunnyD, the irradiated-looking orange beverage with the saccharine sweet taste. It was a staple of pool parties and picnics, the beverage equivalent of running through a sprinkler across freshly-mowed grass. You also probably haven’t thought about SunnyD in a while, possibly assuming it’s gone the way of the Tamagotchi and Devil Sticks. 

Well, not only does this nostalgia-inducing beverage still exist, but it’s also back with new summer flavors. Just in time for the warmest weather of the year, SunnyD has dropped new juicy watermelon and tangy lemonade flavors. A product listing describes the lemonade as a “artificially flavored citrus punch” that serves as a “refreshingly bold update of a classic.” Meanwhile, the “watermelon artificially flavored drink” is a “bold flavor” that serves as a “delicious way to kick up your feet and enjoy the day.” Both of them come in the kind of remarkable neon hues that seems to be something of a SunnyD trademark, making them visible at great distances.

If those flavors aren’t patriotic enough for you, it also looks like SunnyD will be dropping a limited edition “Made in America” bottle, It’s perfect for those who want to pair their sweet artificially-flavored beverage of choice with whatever it is the idea of America is supposed to represent in the year 2019.

Our new Made in America bottle will be the ⭐️ at the party this summer ??????

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Apparently these new flavors are currently available at retailers in the midwest and in the greater New York City area. It’s also worth noting that these watermelon and lemonade flavors are limited edition offerings, so grab them before this summer, much like your SunnyD-fueled childhood, is nothing but a distant memory. 




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