Simple cooking techniques to ‘elevate your cookie game’

Nigella Lawson details recipe of sea salted chocolate cookies

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Tiktok user Villy Vovnyar is a professional baker who shares her tips and tricks on how to make the perfect sweet goods on her account @cutie.goods. Villy has said she has made “hundreds” of cookies over the years and has shared her insight into how to make the “ultimate” chocolate chip cookies.

Villy has posted her “tips for better cookies” on her Tiktok account and has attracted over 410 thousand views as well as over 50 thousand likes.

She also has a blog named after her business, Cutie Goods where she posts her latest recipes and creations.

For her first tip, Villy said it is much more convenient to buy a chocolate bar and chop it up yourself rather than buy chocolate chunks.

She explained: “Buying a chocolate bar is a lot cheaper than buying chocolate chunks. This also lets you choose and control the size of your chocolate.

“Combine your chopped chocolate with chocolate chips to create different layers of flavour. I like to mix milk chocolate, dark chocolate and semi-sweet chocolate.”

Villy has said that while baking cookies it is important to “always” brown your butter, which gives the cookies a bold flavour,

Brown butter is the process of accelerating the flavour of a dish by gently melting butter on a stove.

Villy said: “Browning your butter makes for a softer cookie and adds a nutter flavour.”

On her blog, Villy has wanted about mixing milk and hot brown butter while mixing cookie dough, and she urged people to be careful as it could “bubble up quite a bit and may splatter”.

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Before baking the cookies, Villy has also said you should “rest” your dough, which means putting clingfilm over the bowl and leaving it alone at room temperature for a period of time.

She explained: “Resting for even half an hour allows the flour to fully hydrate and intensifies the flavour of the cookie dough. “

For her final tip, Villy has said one of the key components to making the perfect cookies is to take your cookies out of the oven a few minutes before they are meant to be done.

She explained “Always slightly underbake your cookies because they keep baking on the cookie sheet for about two minutes after you remove them from the oven.

Villy has said she has been baking since she was in elementary school, and what began as a hobby has evolved into her “passion and love language” as well as a business.

On her blog, she explained her passion for cookie-making and said: “There is no dessert category I take as seriously as I do cookies, specifically chocolate chip cookies.

“They’re a classic and a staple, and my favourite dessert to both make and eat.”

On Tiktok, people praised Villy for her baking secrets but begged her to share her cookie recipes as the cookies in her video looked “so good” according to one comment.

Villy has shared her “ultimate” chocolate chip cookie recipe on her blog and has also given even more suggestions on the best way to create the perfect cookie.

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