Smiling Frozen Aldi Sausage Shocks Mom

At one point, all of the (real) meat we eat was attached to a face. But by the time the finished product arrives in a grocery store, it’s reasonable to expect that it will be unrecognizable as being from the animal they were extracted from.

Welp, that wasn’t the case when British mom Fran Webster purchased a package of frozen sausages from her local Aldi. The mother of two from Swindon was about to make a sausage casserole with the frozen bag of bangers (sausage links to us Yanks) when “all of a sudden this lump falls out into the tray,” as Webster describes it to the BBC.

“It look just like a round thing at first and it wasn’t until I turned it over and there was this face looking at me,” she continued. The “quite concerning” sausage appeared to be a patty face complete with eyes (with pupils!) and a smile. 

Though Webster’s two daughters apparently thought the face was “awesome,” she apparently was more concerned with getting to the bottom of how the sausage visage wound up there in the first place. Aldi, who sold the sausage, has reached out with an apology and an offer to refund the 91 pence ($1.15) purchase, but Webster said that’s not her concern. For now, she can only speculate that the meat face is the product of “someone [who] must have been very bored in their job.” 

In case you’re wondering, no, the smiling sausage did not end up in the casserole. “I wrapped it back up in tin foil and put it back in my freezer,” Webster told the Daily Mirror. It seems like she just couldn’t bring herself to cook it, and with good reason: “Apparently it resembles my face but it's cheered so many people up and that's why I wanted to share it really."

So there you have it: sometimes when you buy meat, it does smile back. I’d like to see an Impossible burger try and do that. 

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