Sticky toffee pudding is UK’s favourite dessert

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The steamed sponge, laced with dates and topped with buttery toffee source won 47 per cent of votes in a poll to find the top pud. The chocolate eclair was second with 39 per cent and Apple crumble came third with 38 per cent.

They were followed by chocolate mousse, millionaire’s shortbread, apple pie, strawberry cheesecake and lemon meringue pie, with Blackforest gateau and jam roly poly tying for tenth place.

The correct term for the last course is “pudding” say 49 per cent. But 43 per cent say “dessert” four per cent use “sweet” and four per cent call it “afters”.

Meanwhile, 38 per cent said they prefer pudding to a main course or starter in the poll for restaurant booking site The Fork – which has launched Dessert First Week.

Director Patrick Hooykaas said: “If you want to eat dessert first, or nothing but dessert, please be our guest!”

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