Tesco, Sainsbury’s and ASDA issue urgent food recall amid health fears – full item list

Urgent recall warnings are not issued often but are something which should be taken very seriously. Customers of the supermarket chains Tesco, Sainsbury’s, ASDA and Waitrose are being urged to check their fridge amid a health warning. Those who have recently bought Quorn products are being told some are not safe to eat as they contain small pieces of metal. This can make the product unsafe to eat and present a big safety risk to anyone who consumes it.

This product is being recalled as the product may contain small pieces of metal.

Quorn Foods

The product being recalled by Quorn Foods is the Quorn Chilled Cocktail Sausages.

A statement by Quorn Foods read: “This product is being recalled as the product may contain small pieces of metal, due to a production issue.”

The packs which are affected are the 180 gram pack size with the use by dates of 27 July 2019, 29 July 2019 and 30 July 2019.

The presence of metal is due to an error but could pose a serious health risk for those who eat it.

Anyone who has bought the product recently is being urged to check if they have an affected pack and to make sure they don’t eat it.

Instead, customers can return the product to their nearest shop where they will receive a full refund.

Point of sale notices have also been supplied and are displayed in all retail stores selling the product.

These notices contain information about why the product is being recalled and what customers should do if they have bought it.

No other Quorn Foods products are known to be affected.

Recently, Tesco was forced to pull four flavours of it’s Tesco Finest Fruit Presse due to fermentation.

The issue meant the product is likely to have gone off and the bottles were also at risk of exploding.

The supermarket chain warned shoppers not to drink it and to instead return the product to store.

Tesco has also recently recalled their own brand ready-made cheese burgers, as they contain sesame not declared on the label. 

This could pose a serious health risk to anyone with an allergy to sesame and customers were urged to return the item.

Denny black pudding, sold in Tesco stores in Northern Ireland, was also recalled as it could contain small pieces of blue plastic.

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