These Dishwashing Gloves Have a Clever Feature That Cuts Down on Cleaning Time

As much as we love the convenience of a dishwasher, there are several kitchen tools the appliance can ruin: cast iron skillets, wooden cutting boards, delicate crystal, and pretty much all knives, to name a few. But before you grab your kitchen sponge for some ol’ fashioned hand washing, check out these genius gloves that Amazon shoppers can’t stop gushing over.

Mitaloo Magic Cleaning Gloves have silicone sponges built right into their palms and fingers, making it even easier to tackle a sink full of dirty dishes. They’re tough enough to withstand scalding hot water, but still flexible enough to handle fragile glassware and unwieldy produce. Plus, the soft scrubbers are so gentle, you won’t have to worry about scratching anything you wash. 

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Made with 100 percent food-grade silicone, the gloves are not only safe for anyone with latex allergies, but are also incredibly durable. The material is designed to withstand extreme temperatures as low as negative 40 degrees and as high as 320 degrees Fahrenheit, which means sterilizing them is as easy as tossing into boiling water. 

It’s no surprise that the dishwashing gloves have a 4.3-star rating and more than 1,000 reviews, with owners saying they’re “game-changers” and “household staples.”

“They keep your hands dry, and in my opinion clean better than a sponge,” one wrote. “Soap lasts a lot longer, too, since it’s not being soaked in. Now, doing the dishes takes half the time and half the effort.”

Mitaloo Magic Dishwashing Gloves

To buy: $13;

Another added, “What really surprised me is the thickness of these gloves. I’m used to the super cheap yellow latex ones from the grocery store that tear in an instant. These have integrity!”

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In addition to dishwashing, many users say the gloves are excellent for cleaning bathrooms, cars, and even pets: “I have a year-old Golden Retriever that sheds A LOT! This not only kept my hands clean and dry, but it pulled off all her loose fur!”

You can order your own pair of these clever cleaning gloves on Amazon for $13. Who knows? You might even toss out your kitchen sponge for good.

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