These Oreo No-Bake Dessert Bars Are an Effortless Quarantine Dessert for Anyone


There are two types of quarantined people in this world: those who’ve constantly shown off their baking skills, and those who wish their friends would just shut up about baking (while secretly wishing they could bake).

If you fall into the latter camp and want an easy way to create something tasty without doing any actual baking, then you should probably look into acquiring an Oreo No-Bake Dessert Kit, which promises all of the joy and Instagrammable content of baking without any of the actual work.

Shared by Instagram account @TheBoxedGoods, this easy dessert includes Oreo cookie pieces plus all of the filling and crust components you need to make what appears to be a decadent take on an Oreo cheesecake.

I seem to always be drawn to the baking aisle when I’m at grocery stores… everything down there just looks SO GOOD. For example, these Oreo no bake bars!! As I have said before I am going to have to start up a baking business to make my way through college and to fund my dessert addiction! • • • What I found: Oreo No Bake Bars • • • WALMART//TEXAS @oreo#oreos #dessertbars #nobakedessert #cheesecakebars #oreocheesecake #oreodessert#newrelease #walmart #sweettooth #junkfoodaisle #snacktime #groccerystore #desserttime #foodienews #foodnews #foodporn #foodreview #grocceryhaul

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With only 15 minutes of prep time needed, acquiring the not-included butter and milk might be the hardest part of putting this together honestly. But the good news is that you at least don’t need to track down any yeast, because you aren’t making bread from scratch like some kind of try-hard.

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While @TheBoxedGoods’ caption indicates that the dessert kit was spotted at a Walmart in Texas, you can probably imagine that they’re sold at other Walmarts and non-Walmart retailers throughout the country. As with every sought-after item right now, you might want to do what you can to check that your shopping establishment of choice has these in stock before venturing out into the world. You’ll probably find it with the baked goods, which is pretty ironic if you think about it.

So whether you just want an Oreo-themed dessert or you harbor an intense grudge against people who know how to  bake, look no further than this. Your secret’s safe with us.


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