This New Cereal Is Made for People Who Love Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

Let’s get one thing out of the way: There’s no wrong time of day to eat chocolate-covered strawberries. But, for some reason, they’re not typically consumed in the morning hours.

That’s where Krave comes in. The cereal brand just debuted a Strawberry Crunch flavor that’s basically an inside-out chocolate-covered—and we are here for it.

The new cereal consists of a strawberry-flavored and -dusted shell with a smooth chocolate center, according to Best Products.

“Crafted for chocovores who don't want to miss out on exciting fruity flavor, Kellogg’s Krave Strawberry Crunch Cereal is a distinctly delicious combo of crunchy multigrain cereal shells, dusted with sweet Strawberry flavor, and filled with a smooth center made with real chocolate,” its product description reads.

Another new Krave flavor, Cinnamon Crunch, is also on shelves now. It features a cinnamon-flavored and -dusted shell with a smooth chocolate center.

“Kellogg's Krave Cinnamon Crunch puts a sweet twist on a family-favorite cereal,” according to Walmart’s website. “Release your inner chocovore with each bite.”

Both new flavors are available at retailers, including Walmart, right now.

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